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Queen City Competition Schedule and Flight list - Click on the links below:

Queen City Skate Schedule.pdf

Queen City Skate Flights.pdf


January calendar - click on the link below:

SR January 2019 Calendar.pdf



Winter Registration

Winter 2 - 2019 Registration is open (January to March).  Please see the schedule and calendars below.  Please check with your coach before registering to ensure their availability.


Winter 2 .pdf




Thank you for supporting our 2018 Ice Show!


Adult Skaters Skating on Skate Regina Ice:

In accordance to the City of Regina mandate, skaters over the age of 18 will not be able to skate on “prime-time” ice. This is a mandate that is being enforced starting in the Fall 2017.  Adult skaters are able to skate on sessions starting at 9:00pm. We will have an adult session in the winter sessions.