Fall 2018

Registration for our Fall 2018 Season (September 4 - 27) opens on July 20 at 8:00 am for Skate Regina members and July 23 at 8:00 am for non-members.  Please check with your coach before registering to ensure their availability. All registrations are done online at our website under the registration tab.  If you are new to Skate Regina, you will need to create an account for yourself and add your skater as a participant.

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Skate Regina Figure Skating Summer School 2018

We have been working hard to finalize our Summer School registration.

Our registration will open on Thursday, May 3 at 8:00 am for Skate Regina

members and open on Monday, May 7 at 8:00 am for Non-Skate Regina

members.  Please discuss your summer plans with your coach before

registering and to see if the summer school is right for your skater.

Please click on the links below for more information. 


Skate Regina 2018 Summer School Brochure updated.pdf

Coaches Bios 2018 new.xlsx

Skate Regina 2018 Registration Form.pdf

Skate Regina 2018 Registration Form.docx

All registrations must be submitted electronically to the email address

on the registration form.  Please DO NOT send payment until you

receive an invoice from Skate Regina.  Once your registration has been

received, you will receive an email stating that the registration has been

received.  Once confirmation is given from the Summer School Directors,

then invoices will be created.



Skate Regina PreCanSkate/CanSkate Summer School

Skate Regina will be holding a one week CanSkate session during the

Summer.  It will run from July 23-27 from 5:30-6:15.  Registration for

this session will be done online through our registration system.  To

find this session, click on the season drop-down box for CanSkate

Summer 2018.  Registration will open on Thursday, May 3 at 8:00 am for

Skate Regina members and open on Monday, May 7 at 8:00 am for Non-Skate

Regina members.  Click on the link below for more information.

Summer CanSkate 2018.pdf


Thank you for supporting our 2018 Ice Show!





Adult Skaters Skating on Skate Regina Ice:

In accordance to the City of Regina mandate, skaters over the age of 18 will not be able to skate on

“prime-time” ice. This is a mandate that is being enforced starting in the Fall 2017. 

Adult skaters are able to skate on sessions starting at 9:00pm. 

We will have an adult session in the winter sessions.