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Coach Administered Tests

Skate Canada qualified coaches are eligible to assess their own skaters on all fundamentals of the STAR 1-5 Content.  Some coaches may also be able to assess the STAR 6-Gold SKILLS content. These assessments will be competed when the coach feels the skater is ready to test.  

In order to complete a Coach Administered Test, a Test ticket must be purchased in advance:

1. Login into your Skate Regina Account.

2. Go to the "shopping cart" on the top right hand corner.

3. Select Purchase Products and scroll down until you see Coach Administered Session Test.  The cost of these tests are $12.00.

4. Adjust the quantity of test tickets you wish to buy.  Each test needs its own test ticket.  There is no discount for multiple tests.  Once ready, select Add to Cart.

5. When your cart is ready, press Confirm & Register.  Review your order to ensure the proper amount of test tickets have been added.

6. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and press Pay By Credit Card.  An receipt will be emailed to you for verification.  This invoice needs to be forwarded to the coach responsible for testing your skater.  They will ensure the invoice number is attached to the test sheet and envelope that is given to the Test Chair. 


Test Days

STAR 6 - GOLD tests will need to be evaluated by a Skate Canada Judge.  Some coaches may be able to assess the SKILLS content but this will be determined by your skater's coach.  

Test Days are usually once per season and will be added to the season calendars.  The coaches are responsible for letting the Test Chair know which tests your skater will complete.

Test Days require a different test ticket and they will be invoiced to the members account on the Skate Regina page for payment prior to the start of the Test Day.  The registration coordinator will add these to your account as the test fees will vary.

These fees are determined by calculating the following:

- Skate Canada Test Fee: Standard rate is $12,00 per test but this can vary depending on the type of test being done,

- Total Ice Costs, Official Expenses and Administrative Expenses divided by the total number of tests being taken,

**Please touch base with your coach if you have questions about the cost of the Test Day Fees.**

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