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StarSkate Parent expectations - Skate Regina has established some expectations for Parents and Guardians.  Please read through the list below from more details:

  1. Please notify your coach as soon as possible if your skater is unable to attend a session. This is especially important for private lesson skaters as a coach will have designated specific lesson time to that skater.
  2. Parents are not permitted in the players box or directly at the rink side. Please use the lobby or in rink seating.
  3. Parents and siblings of skaters are not permitted to coach from the boards, rink side or the stands. Our coaches spend many hours in training to achieve their coaching credentials so unless you as the parent or sibling have your coaching certificate, please do not coach your skater or others from off-ice. When a parent coaches from the boards, it is distracting to all the skaters as well as it can be a safety concern since your skater is paying attention to you and not watching out for the other skaters on the ice.
  4. Parents should not interrupt lessons to talk to a coach. Please wait until there is a flood or a break.  If a coach is unable to talk to you at the break, please set up at time that works best for both the parent and coach.
  5. Parents must communicate in a positive manner with all skaters, coaches, other parents, and board members.
  6. If videotaping your skater during a session to help in his/her training, please wait until a break or have your skater exit the ice surface to view the video. Do not hold it up to the glass since this is the same as coaching from the boards and it is a safety concern for your skater and for others.


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