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Being a PA is an important role and is a busy job – remember that your behavior on the ice is important


  • Conduct on the ice – No personal skating time. This is the CanSkaters time to skate, not yours!
  • No chatting with fellow PA’s
  • Appropriate clothing must be worn at all times – no jeans or sweatpants, hair must be tied back, mittens or gloves must be worn
  • Always be on time. If you will be absent from your PA role, please try to arrange a replacement and please let me know
  • No cell phones, iPods, etc. on the ice
  • No gum chewing or food on the ice
  • Respect and courtesy must be displayed at all times to all coaches, program assistants, skaters, parents, club volunteers and board members
  • In appropriate behavior, such as swearing , ice kicking, bullying, pushing, etc. whether directed at a skater, program assistant, coach or club volunteer will not be tolerated
  • Program Assistants will not get on the ice until a Coach is on the ice
  • No sitting on the boards
  • PA’s will participate and assist in all parts of the CanSkate session –Warm Up, Lesson Time, Group Activity and Cool Down
  • PA’s will help with program set up and execution – bringing to the ice teaching aids/props and also bringing them off the ice each day, assisting with handing out rewards – stickers, coloring sheets, etc.
  • Help skaters on and off the ice each day
  • Always watch for safety on the ice – skaters who are not looking behind them when skating backwards, long laces, skaters who come on the ice without a helmet, etc. Always watch for your own safety as well
  • Remember to Smile and bring your enthusiasm to the ice!
  • If you are unsure of what to do on the ice, always check in with a coach and ask what you can do to help
  • Use a polite and enthusiastic tone of voice
  • If a skater is hurt, make sure to let a coach know
  • Make sure you are on the ice each day before the CanSkaters get on the ice, and you are not to get off the ice until the CanSkaters are off the ice or you have approval from a coach


Remember that you are a role model to these skaters. PA’s act as examples to skaters in the way they move on the ice and skate. This inspires the CanSkaters to work hard so they can skate like you. For many new skaters, the ice can be a very scary place. Your smile and helping hand will turn a cold, scary rink into a warm, welcoming environment. We would not be able to run the CanSkate Program without you! You are a very important part of our success! THANK YOU!