Skate Regina CanSkate Coordinator

Essential Duties and Responsibilities
• Organize theme days throughout the year

• Send Club Administrator coloring sheets to print for all CanSkate sessions (1x/month)

• Make sure rinks are stocked with CanSkate supplies (proper signage, pylons, props, bubbles, stickers, etc.)

• Purchase the props/supplies needed for CanSkate and theme days (submit receipts to Skate Regina Treasurer)

• Stock coaches room with CanSkate report cards and name tags and replenish when low (communicate to Club Administrator how many need to be printed)

• Take inventory of CanSkate ribbons and badges and communicate to Club Administrator when/how many need to be ordered.

• Correspond with Skating Director to pull kids up from CanSkate into Jr Prep or PowerSkating • Work with Skating Director to train PA’s

• Be the CanSkate liaison for Coaches/PA’s

• Oversees the CanSkate program • Be the face of CanSkate for Skate Regina

• Other related duties as agreed upon

Skills and Abilities
• Communication • Excellent organizational skills • People skills

Computer Skills 

• Microsoft Office Programs (Excel, Word, Outlook) or similar; basic PC skills
Work Environment
• Use home office/computer

• Be available for to talk to CanSkate Parents


Email applications to Skate Regina at

Applications due by Wednesday, September 27, 2017