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Frequently Asked Questions



What is PreCanSkate/CanSkate?

PreCanSkate/CanSkate is our Learn to Skate Program.  Skaters are placed into groups based on their skating level and age.  Each group has an instructor and may have some figure skating helpers.  The skaters will work around the ice in different centers.  If this is your skater's first time on the ice, please be prepared that he/she may spend time sitting on the ice as he/she learn to stand up on their own.  Also be prepared that your child may not enjoy their first experience on the ice and the ice is cold and hard when he/she falls.

How do I know if my child is PreCanSkate or CanSkate?

In our sessions that have PreCanSkate/CanSkate together, the coaches will group the skaters based on age and skating level.  If you have skated with Skate Regina before and received badges and ribbons, those achievements are listed in our database.  Once all the registrations are in, the coaches receive the lists of all skaters and then they will group the skaters.  If you haven't skate with Skate Regina before, the coaches will group your skater as best they can.  Once your skater is on the ice, the coaches will have a better idea of their level.  If your skater starts in one group, the coaches may move them into another group if they fit better in a different group.  If you have skated with another club and received badges and ribbons, please email Skate Regina so those achievements can be entered in the database.

In the Winter Session, we have a session the is only titled PreCanSkate and it is a 30-minute session. If you skater is 3-5 years old and just learning to skate or have not received their CanSkate level 1 badge, they can register in this session.


Are Parents allowed on the ice?

Parents are not allowed on the ice for our PreCanSkate or PreCanSkate/CanSkate sessions for insurance reasons.


What is Parent and Tot?

Parent and tot is a class that allows the skater to go on the ice with a parent/guardian/adult that also have skates on. There is an instructor that will help you work with your child. Your skater will also receive a report card at the end of the session with the goal for your skater to register in our PreCanSkate or PreCanSkate/CanSkate sessions in the future. The Parent/guardian/adult will also need to purchase a Skate Canada membership for their insurance on the ice.  Our registration coordinator will contact you before the session begins to arrange the Skate Canada membership for the parent/guardian/adult.  It is important the person that purchases the membership is the person with the skater on the ice. If two there are two different adults going to be sharing the ice time, then each adult will need to purchase a Skate Canada membership and you can let the registration coordinator know.


What should my child wear on the ice for PreCanSkate/CanSkate/Parent and Tot?

Each skater will need to wear a CSA hockey approved helmet (with or without the face protection).  Bike helmets are NOT ALLOWED on the ice.  Skates will need to be sharpened before coming to the ice.  We encourage skaters to wear warm layers that they can move in.  Ski pants, jeans, and heavy winter jackets can be restrictive.  Skaters need to wear warm mittens/gloves that they will be able to pick up objects (hockey gloves can be hard to pick up items).


Why is the Fall Session so short?

Skate Regina receives our ice allotment from the City of Regina.  The City of Regina still classifies the month of September as summer ice so they allot the ice time a little different than in the winter months. Our Winter season runs from October to December and then again from January to March.


How do I know what level my child has completed?

If your child has skated with us before, all achievements are entered into the computer system.  You can check under your account, by clicking on participants, then the child's name, and then achievments.  You can navigate into the different levels such as CanSkate, CanPower, and Star Skate.  We do not do achievements for our Fall session since it is so short, so if you have only skated with us in the Fall, contact Skate Regina for more information.  If your child has never skated with us, contact Skate Regina for more information.