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                                                       Selecting a Coach

Where to Start:
If your child is on the Jr Prep /Advanced CanSkate session(s) they may be ready to enhance their group program with private or semi private lessons. If you feel your child is ready, you can contact the coach of your choice for more information on their availability.

Skate Regina has many coaches on our staff, all of which are well qualified and great choices for private lessons.

To help you make this decision, consider the following points:

- Who does my child enjoy working with? 

Your child will be spending time one-on-one with this person at least a couple times per week. There may be an individual that you connect with well, but can the same be said for your skater? If your skater has participated in CanSkate or Advanced CanSkate/Jr Prep programs with our club then they will have been introduced to most of our coaching staff.

- Does this coach's teaching credentials meet the needs of my skater?

All Skate Canada professional coaches are accredited through the National Coaching Certification Program . This program trains coaches on proper technique, training regimes, and ethical issues related to coaching in general. All of our coaches have completed minimum Level 1
(Regional coach), several are Level 2 (Provincial coach) and some are Level 3 (National coach) . They are very qualified to teach skaters through the Skate Canada Star Skate Program and through many of the competitive levels as well. Please feel free to consult the coaching staff themselves or the Club Executive.

What is my budget?

Your budget will determine how many lessons per week you will purchase for your skater. Estimate how much you are willing to spend per week on lessons. These fees are paid directly to the coach, not to the club. The fees you pay to the club are for ice only. Lessons are usually 15 minutes in length, although this is negotiable with the coach. The coach's fee may vary between coaches based on their coaching level, personal skating level, education and experience.

- What else do I consider?
Is the coach available during the sessions that my skater is choosing to skate? Some of our coaches may be fully booked on some sessions. Some flexibility on both sides may be required to fit lessons in. How many lessons per week can they provide to your skater? Discuss with them what your expectations are for your skater in terms of lessons and advancement. The coach will be able to guide you as to what is an appropriate number based on the level of your skater and your budget. Do their suggestions and rates meet with yours? What is their method and billing period? 

- If the coach is quite full, are you willing to work with a couple of coaches?
Team coaching is not uncommon and has many benefits. Some skaters learn one aspect of their skating from one coach and another from the second or third coach. Each coach can often compliment the others well. Once you have found an individual that your skater likes and meets your financial and goal requirements, book them!

- Am I able to switch coaches?

Switching coaches is a big decision.  Be sure this is something you want to do!  If there are conflicts, please speak to your coach to see if there is a resolution that can be made.  If a resolution cannot be made or your skater is no longer wanting to continue lessons with the current coach, you are able to switch.

In order to switch coaches, contact another coach to see if they have availability to take your skater.  You must inform the current coach of your decision as soon as possible. Your current coach will send the final invoice.  This invoice must be paid in full before switching to a new coach. 

Please feel free to contact our Board of Directors for assistance with selecting or switching coaches.